Gothamcargo Bicycle baskets

Inspired by the traditional wooden cargo boxes, our baskets are the loyal partner of the commuter cyclist and bicycle enthusiasts. Designed to be lightweight and very stable, our baskets are made of wood with aluminum components. By ordering any of our bicycle baskets you will receive a ready-to-install kit that fits in almost every bicycle. The kit includes aluminum rods and support bracket, bolts, nuts and instruction manual.

Gotham Cargo baskets are easy to fit to any bicycle. The aluminium rods fit to the front fork using the axle of the front wheel, and a separate thick aluminium bracket is added to the brake hole on the fork. It doesn’t matter if the bike doesn’t have a front brake, but it does need a brake hole. This bracket is designed to be bent to allow for slight adjustment so the cargo box sits perfectly horizontal.

The wood species used for Gothamcargo baskets is Populus alba from Nothern Greece, a lightweight and weather-resistant material having been used in cargo box manufacturing for hundreds of years. We select the best pieces of wood available and inspect each piece for quality. The components that support the basket on your bicycle are made of aluminum alloy 6063. This specific material was applicated by the aviation industry for many years and now is widely used in modern bicycle manufacturing.

Though the cargo baskets already come in a range of colors and color combinations, you can still customize your own  by selecting hues that best match your personal style!
Gotham lab is also flexibile in designing and producing complete custom basket orders. That means we can create an amount of baskets according to:

– the colours that match your company’s profile.
– your company’s logos and mottos.
– any printed drawings on a specific side of the basket or even all over it.
– the specific dimensions that fit your personal needs.

For more information about custom orders you are welcome to leave us a message in our contact page.

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